Do you know the lifetime of your Google Ads campaigns?

Do you know the lifetime of your Google Ads campaigns?

Do you wonder how long your Google Ads campaign should run?

Understanding the lifetime of a campaign can make a significant difference in your marketing success. Here’s a breakdown to guide you:

First 30 Days: Initial adjustments The first 30 days are crucial for testing and adjusting your campaign. Monitor performance closely and make necessary adjustments based on collected data. This period is all about finding what works best for your audience.

3 to 6 Months: consolidation and optimization During this phase, continue to optimize your campaign based on more solid metrics. Adjust bids, keywords, and creatives to continually improve your results. This period is essential for building a strong foundation.

6 to 12 Months: in-depth analysis and strategic adjustments After six months, you should have enough data for a comprehensive analysis. Re-evaluate your strategy and make significant adjustments to ensure continued efficiency. This is where you refine and perfect your approach.

Beyond 12 Months: renewal and updates Campaigns that last more than 12 months should be renewed and updated regularly to avoid audience saturation and maintain relevance. Continuous monitoring and monthly reviews are essential to adjust offers, targeting, and ads.

By understanding these phases and continuously optimizing, you can ensure long-term success with your Google Ads campaigns.

Keep your campaigns relevant and optimized for the best results.

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Do you know the lifetime of your Google Ads campaigns?

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